Facilitate thinking and agonizing dreaded visit to the dentist, we have created a friendly and welcoming environment for you and yours. Having an unlimited number of teams that will definitely help you save time and number of citations.


Because the care of teeth and visit the dentist need not mean an uncomfortable and painful procedure. There are currently novel techniques and treatments


They help to improve and maintain its so important to your appearance without the slightest discomfort smile. Our main goal is to provide quality service, personal attention, professional and specialized technology.

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Dental Implants!

• Surgery and Rehabilitation, any Brand

• A single tooth

• Multiple teeth and implant bridges.

• Full and partial dentures on implants.

• Technical teeth in a day.

Oral Rehabilitation!

• Porcelain crowns without metal.

• Porcelain Bridges, bridges and aesthetic metal-free (Technical Emax).

• Total and removable prostheses.


• Dental alignment.

• Metal Braces.

• Ceramic Braces or transparent.

• Invisalign


• Gums

• Gigivoplastia (cosmetic gum surgery)

• Lengthening.

• periodontal treatments.

• deep cleaning.

• bone and tissue grafts.

• frenectomies.


• Acute dental pain (nerve).

• Root canals in one appointment

• Retreats

• Endodontic Surgery

Maxilo - Facial!

• Tailpieces (wisdom tooth).

• minor surgeries, soft and hard tissues.

• biopsies.

• Apiceptomias.

• Maxillary and Facial Fractures.

• Tumors.

• Surveys of maxillary sinus.

• Bone graft block.

• Pre prosthetic surgery.


Conscious sedation techniques :

In the Dental Clinic Physician Anesthesiologist will be experienced who will manage a group of sedative drugs at very low doses through one of the veins of the dorsum of the hand. Pathway also fail to deliver an anti-inflammatory analgesic and thus reduce pain after surgery.


After the procedure the patient will wake up and 10 to 15 minutes you are ready to go home , only present some sleepiness can use it to rest in the comfort of your home. You can not drive your car , so you must attend the clinic with a competent companion.



- It relieves nervousness , eliminating anxiety and fear , so that the patient will be very quiet.


- The patient is emotionally disconnected from what is going to make and your blood pressure and heart rate (effect of great benefit in hypertensive and cardiac patients ) were normalized.


- Feeling calmer allow the dentist and his team to work more comfortably.


- Most importantly , the patient does NOT have any unpleasant memory of what touched in the query.

Cosmetic Dental!

• Dental Bleaching, Lamp System Beyond 30 minutes.

• Porcelain veneers or laminates (Veneer) (Lumineers coming soon).

• shims or aesthetic restorations (tooth-colored).

• Biological Dentistry, change of amalgam (mercury is toxic).


• Intra oral radiographs.

• Sealants and regular cleanings.

• Stain removal, Profijet Air technology.

• Attention Children, Adolescents and Adults.

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